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Thread: Hassan Whiteside traded to the Blazers

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    Portland just got a whole lot better than last year. They will be even better next year but unfortunely the west all around got even better so a sleeper team maybe??

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    I agree! I do see them as a sleeper in the top-heavy West

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    MLB Are the balls juced?

    I have been thinking about this the whole year trying to tell myself “It’s all nonsense, MLB would never do a thing like that” but the more I think abt it. Maybe it’s true that the balls are juiced. Home runs are wayyyyyy up from last year and strikeouts are down. Now of course this also has to do w the rise of “Small Ball” in the league and the hitters ability to adjust to the pitchers style of pitches as well. But watching baseball this year, I feel like balls that I saw were flyouts last year are going out of the park for Homers. Don’t get me wrong I love it, I think it’s good for the game that HRs are going up Bc it helps the “Casual Fan” portion of MLB fans, who mostly want to see HRs and not sit through boring 1-0 games.
    But after reading and watching people talk abt it i realized that they may be on to something here. Pitchers are having a more difficult time throwing the ball and even maybe the best pitcher in the game Justin Verlander, a guy who I rarely see make excuses even said that he felt balls were juiced. I really want to dive deep Into this w u guys and take a closer look. I still don’t believe the Balls are Juiced.
    But now I have gone from muting that whole group to now cracking the door open a little bit and listen to them. What do u guys think ?

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