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Thread: Westbrook traded to Rockets for CP3 and picks

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    Didn’t people say CP3 and Harden wouldn’t work either! I think is wrong to assume Russ and Harden won’t work without seeing them play together
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    It will be a rusty start for the Rockets. It's gonna take some time to get back in chemisty. I want to see how this will come out all season long. Both teams benefit from this trade. Hopefully the Thunder will take serious time to invest and scout good potential players in the near future. That will get them back as a championship team.


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    Houston Rockets

    Rockets are trying to rekindle the flames of 2018 when they were within 1 game of advancing to the NBA finals. The Chris Paul experiment did not work out. No matter, let's just add in someone who Harden has played with before. Russell Westbrook joins his former teammate in Houston. Russell and James played pretty well together in Oklahoma City. That was before both guys became all start and studs. The now have to co-exist again when both guys want to score. If they can figure everything out, I like the Rockets chances to finish in the top 3 seeds of the Western Conference. It may take some time like the 2010 Miami Heat. The only 2 former Thunder players who have not won a ring yet will try and win one together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJSMurphy View Post
    Both teams win:

    OKC: After Kawhi forced PG13 to leave OKC and made them comply and get a haul of picks, they continue by dealing Westbrook and starting fresh, getting a lot of picks for him and CP3, who they already plan on moving before he ever suits up in a Thunder uni. Lots of picks for the future and a new start to rebuild.

    Houston: They are in their prime now with Harden, Cappela, and others. If they don't win in the next 2 or so years, they're done. Their window of success is closing. They also were not happy with CP3 in terms of his contract and how he didn't get along at all with Harden. Moving him and his contract keeps Harden happy, while bringing in his old teammate he went to a Finals with, and proves that Houston can hang with the big guns. With GSW not the big juggernaut they once were, they can really compete now with the rising LA teams and any others that may come. The downside is they gave up a lot of picks for Westbrook, but it's worth it in the fact you get an upgrade at PG and you legitimize your chance of contending in your short amount of time you have left, and can completely rebuild when the time comes.

    Watch Westbrook and Harden both be 1 assist away from a triple-double and they just constantly pass the ball back-and-forth to each other.

    Both teams lose:

    Rockets: they got Russell Westbrook

    Thunder: they got Chris Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilliesNewsToday View Post
    Didn’t people say CP3 and Harden wouldn’t work either! I think is wrong to assume Russ and Harden won’t work without seeing them play together
    ^^^THIS. That is exactly what people said. Two guys who were ball dominant would not be able to mesh. They only came one game away from beating one of the greatest dynasties we have seen. It's the off-season, so the talking heads need something to shout about on their shows. And nothing elicits more angry shouts than Harden these days. It will be interesting to see how Westbrook is treated as a Rocket. The media has loved them some Westbrook the last 3 years as he morphed his image into one of a gamer.

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