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Thread: OTH Writers Draft Superlatives

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    Favorite Team:Avengersjr

    Least Favorite Teamark wing

    Biggest Reach: Kerryon JOhnson

    Biggest Steal: Watson in round 4

    Favorite Pick: Mike williams

    Least Favorite Pick: Tyler Lockett

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    Favorite Team:
    The Plastered One
    Although there are a lot of teams that could contend for this list, I chose this team simply because I think his team is the most balanced. He has solid depth at the RB and WR position, and although he took Baker Mayfield a little too early in my opinion, that solidifies him with what I believe will be a Top 8 fantasy QB no doubt.

    Least Favorite Team:
    This is the definitely the hardest choice for me, because part of fantasy football is that we make picks that we feel confident in, that others may think are not great picks. Thatís part of the excitement and drama that comes with fantasy football every year. So that being said, keep in mind that I have no problem with being wrong and mean no insult by choosing DarkWingDunk as my least favorite team. DarkWingDunk may believe that Derrick Henry can produce season long numbers like he did at the end of the season last year, Iím not a big believer in him. My other concern with his team comes with Thielen and Bell, although Bell is arguably one of the greatest fantasy players of all time, I donít trust the way that Adam Gase has utilized his RBs in the past. Bell will still have production, but I have to wait and see whether he can still produce as an elite RB1. As for Thielen, we all know about his eruption into fantasy relevance last year, and I own him in a few other leagues as well, but my concern with him is as the Vikings used Dalvin Cook more towards the end of last year his numbers dropped. Iím not saying heís going to drop from fantasy relevance all together, but I donít think he was worth taking as the 8th WR off the board. As for his QBs, itís all or nothing for Jameis Winston, as Bruce Arians comes to Tampa Bay to try and rejuvenate his career, and as for Matthew Stafford, his stats look good ever year, yet he never seems to generate those stats into big fantasy points.
    Like I stated earlier, this is never a fun article to write, but I tried to be descriptive as possible in order to try and help offer perspective as to why I picked DarkWingDunk as my least favorite team.

    Biggest Reach:
    Jordan Scarlett 6.13
    This wasnít even close for me, I am in fact a Carolina Panthers fan, so I follow this team closely and generally am pretty lenient towards reaching a little bit for a Panther. This pick could come back to hurt especially if Christian McCaffrey stays healthy all year which heís proved he can handle a season long workload for two straight seasons now, and even if he went down, there is no guarantee that Scarlett would get all the touches as the Carolina backfield has lots of guys fighting for spots as CMCís primary backup. For me seeing CJ Anderson do nothing all year on the Panthers as McCaffreyís backup then going to the Rams and running his way to the Super Bowl shows just how much the Panthers donít need a backup to McCaffrey. They had the talent on the roster but chose to stick with a guy who is even more explosive because he can handle the workload (91.3% of the snaps to be specific) and personally, I donít think a 5th round rookie running back will change that philosophy any time soon.

    Biggest Steal:
    Will Dissly 15.5
    This was an excellent pick, before Dissly went down with a season ending injury he was becoming a favorite target of Russell Wilson and emerging as a rookie. Coming back from injury this year, Dissly will have had plenty of time to watch tape and become fully healthy, so he could be in for a big year.

    Favorite Pick:
    Darwin Thompson 12.5
    Before everyone gets confused let me start off by saying I am NOT a big believer in Damien Williams. I donít think he possesses the tools to be an elite back in this league, and I donít think heís the guy to fill the void that Kareem
    Hunt left on this team. Now Iím not saying that Thompson is going to be the every down back and become a Top 10 RB but I do think he will get you some good value and maybe become a Top 20 RB which for getting a guy in the 12th round is amazing value. I think this guy is good enough heís going to force the best offense in football to get him on the field more and more, and I think that AvengerJr made an excellent pick here.

    Least Favorite Pick:
    Bears Defense 8.14
    I get it. Khalil Mack is a beast. Theyíre defense was amazing last year, but címon the 8th round!? The 8th round was just too early for a defense in my personal opinion. 8th round picks can still get you depth to win you games, and lets not forget that no matter how good that defense is, the Bears have a very tough schedule. The NFC North is full of excellent QBs and they ended up with other teams like the Chiefs and Rams who own two of the most
    explosive offenses in the NFL on their schedule as well.

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    Favorite team: AWWOODRUFF.... love the McCaffery pick. Ertz is a targets hog. Pick by pick high quality PPR players.

    Least Favorite:ACrush... overall lack of PPR Talent an aging Rodgers with not a lot of weapons and a new offensive system

    Biggest reach: Kittle...solid player had a good season but now that teams know what he is he will take a step back to reality...oops there goes rabbit.. oh wait. Slipped into a little Slim Shady there. My bad.

    Biggest steal: Duke Johnson if the Browns honor his trade request... Austin Ekeler if Melvin Gordon holds out. Lol. Otherwise Mark Andrews of the Ravens. He will get a lot of looks from Lamar Jackson this season.

    Favorite Pick... The above mentioned Mark Andrews

    Least favorite pick: it was a tie. Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill.... cause morals bro. Lol.

    Bonus assessment: Darkwing Dunk will finish in last place because his team is cursed with him as it’s owner. Lol. ������������ You get the Oreo birds Darkwing.

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    Lame!!!!! If doesn’t show the Oreo themed middle fingers aimed at Darkwing. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    Favorite Team: AFCHFA

    My favorite team in this draft is by far AFCHFA. He started the draft strong with the best receiver on the board in DeAndre Hopkins. He followed that up with two running backs with enormous potential. Both Johnson and Mack, have top-five running back potential with the offenses that they are a part of. Detroit has been talking all offseason about how much they want to run the ball and rely on Johnson to carry their offense. If he can stay healthy, he could put up huge numbers simply based on opportunity. He also secured some solid WR2-3 with Moore and Sutton. The potential on this team is impressive, and grabbing both potential stating RB in Buffalo was a wise move with McCoy and Singletary.

    Least Favorite Team: The Plastered One

    It was a bold move grabbing a QB in the second round, even though Mayfield could finish as one of the top in the league this season. The problem with grabbing Mayfield was that he didn't get a wide receiver until the fifth round! His starting wide receiver core is Landry, Coutee, and Sanders. Each of those players has big question marks coming into this season and could all be part of floundering offenses.

    Biggest Reach: ACrush844 - 6.04: Jordan Scarlett, RB, CAR

    I like to pride myself as somewhat of a football expert, someone who studies the game and knows the ins and outs of most teams. I have to say that this pick had me questioning myself. I haven't heard much talk about Scarlett, or any news regarding the running game behind CMC in Carolina. There were so many better options on the board, and ACrush844 took a huge flyer with Scarlett as his second running back. Maybe I missed something, and Scarlett will become a rookie sensation, or perhaps this was just an insane reach. Who knows?

    Biggest Steal: CautionHFA - Nick Foles

    In the last round of the draft with one of the last picks, CautionHFA grabbed the new starting QB in Jacksonville. CautionHFA has Rivers and Foles on their team, two QBs that are capable of putting up big numbers for fantasy. Foles could do big things in Jacksonville, and the value of getting him in the last round in a sixteen team draft is a real steal. If Jacksonville's defense continues to be as dominant as it has been in the past few years, Foles and this offense could be on the field quite a bit.

    Favorite Pick: Raiderway83 - Andrew Luck

    I love Andrew Luck and the Colts offense this upcoming season. Grabbing Luck in the third round might be my favorite pick in the draft. If Luck continues to stay healthy, he could finish as the top QB in the league. His offensive line is just as strong as it was last season, they brought in Funchess to help spread defenses, and Luck is simply one of the best in the pocket passers in the NFL. Love this pick in the third round.

    Least Favorite Pick: Raiderway83 - Chicago Defense

    This might just be the way I draft, but a defense in the eighth round just isn't something that I consider. There is so much parity at the defense position that the best and the worst at the position aren't that far apart. I think the allure of Chicago defense makes sense with what they did on the field last season, but that doesn't translate to fantasy success. There were simply too many valuable players available at that pick.

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    First, I’m flattered no one has said I had the worst draft and I’ve gotten a compliment for stealing Nick Foles, so I feel pretty damn good.

    Favorite team: besides myself, I honestly struggled with this. Probably go with my boy, AFCHFA. He started strong and has good depth.

    Least favorite: the plastered one. He/she is going to struggle. Reaching for a QB is tough, let alone Baker Mayfield, and that starting roster is full of “maybe” players. So naturally they’ll win the league.

    Biggest reach - there’s a lot of reaching but I’ll take silver espresso for reaching for Conner in round 1. Can’t afford to reach in round 1.

    Biggest steal - raiderway vance McDonald round 6. He’s going to be a stud and this is such great value at TE.

    Favorite pick - McCaffrey at 4 for ff awoodruff. That’s a guy who’s arguably #1 and falls into your lap at 4. Huge pick.

    Least favorite - what is David Johnson doing at #3, the plastered one? No, just no.

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